The Deconstruction of Professor Thrub

The Deconstruction of Professor Thrub

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A dopamine-enhanced Porterhouse Blue, D.D. Johnston's Thrub is a campus novel full of laughs and scandal, a historical epic that charts the rise and fall of revolutionary optimism and above all else a series of love stories.

"Johnston takes us on quite an emotional and intellectual journey…. The Deconstruction of Professor Thrub is like a dopamine-enhanced Porterhouse Blue. As a PhD student grapples with the issues of free will and determinism refracted through the life of a Spanish civil war veteran, Johnston offers us a clanging charivari of clinical administrators, angry old academics and randy students... a determinedly extraordinary novel”  Paul Simon, The Morning Star

'Thrub is unashamedly a novel of ideas, historical and social concepts that are summarised, argued over, rebutted. And as we should expect from the title, one of the biggest of these ideas is the theory of the novel, and by extension of the novel we are actually reading... Readers are likely to find Thrub either exciting or precious, but few will disagree that this is an ambitious, erudite work with a profound interest in the world as we find it. This interest encompasses unexpectedly vivid sensory descriptions, scenes of violence such as those found in Babel, a junction of philosophy and farce reminiscent of Stoppard, a B.S.Johnson-like use of distancing, and an on-going dialectic between Kantian and post-Kantian theories of being and action.. 'infused with a conviction of what the novel should be, and what it can achieve' Christopher Burns, The Warwick Review

'A great book ... and really funny' - Georgina Godwin, Monocle Radio

Wildly imagined and beautifully written, The Deconstruction of Professor Thrub entwines love stories, a campus comedy, the Scottish Highlands, the Spanish Civil War, Ukrainian revolutions and a lovelorn writer into a modern classic. Get in there now and be among the first to know! Tell friends! Ignite a cult readership!

Hear D.D.Johnston discuss the process behind writing his book here .... with some snippets read live.

D.D.Johnston writes:

"The novel is written as a PhD that’s been written by an eccentric, love-sick student, who is supervised by an even more eccentric professor. It asks big questions about the limits of free will, how social change is possible, the pitfalls of Kantian metaphysics, etc. It still interweaves fact and fiction, plays with ‘fraudulent artifacts’ (to borrow the phrase coined by David Shields and Matthew Vollmer), quotes psychology papers, and satirises our socio-historical moment. It crashes around the twentieth century, trying to write history in a way that recognises the interminable chain of cause and effect. But it’s also a campus novel that’s full of laughs and scandal and appalling behaviour. It’s a big historical epic that charts the rise and fall of revolutionary optimism. And above all else it’s a series of love stories."

Published in print and all ebook formats, 11 July 2013.

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