The Fifth Dimension

The Fifth Dimension

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A Czech modern classic in a new translation by Hana Sklenkova.

The Fifth Dimension is set partly in Prague, Czech Republic at the height of the country’s transition toward freedom and democracy, and partly in a remote region of the Argentine Andes. Jacob has left behind his family to take part in a demanding experiment. Succeed, and he comes home with a small fortune.

In mountain starkness, the big questions take shape – like what happens to love inside a black hole? In part this is a dramatic thriller. Because of its deep spiritual and philosophical concerns it also offers a broader polemic on the state of our being in this world, on the creation and origin of the universe and the essence of what we call life.

Martin Vopenka was born in Prague in 1963. Perhaps because of his Jewish origins he views the contemporary world with caution, sensitivity and scepticism. He has written seven novels for adults, three for young adults, two for children and two travelogues. The Fifth Dimension was first published as Pátý rozměr in 2009. He is a member of the Czech PEN Club and chairman of the Association of Czech Publishers. He lives in Prague with his wife Anna and their four children. The translator Hana Sklenkova is a Czech writer who writes in English. She has an MA in Creative Writing (Distinction) from the University of Plymouth.

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