When Opposites Attract

When Opposites Attract

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Award-winning Stories by Teens from Hull

Introduced by Malorie Blackman

Teenagers from Hull filled a hall at the University of Hull to meet with one of their writing heroes - Malorie Blackman. And they came armed with writing of their own - a strong array of stories written in response to how Malorie Blackman's novels had made them feel.

Malorie Blackman writes, in her special introduction: 'There are some strong individual voices here, with some vivid characters in startling situations. It is exciting to see what vital work can come when you sir children's imaginations and set them free to write. I is a thrill to discover so many young writing voices turned into this book. These writers all clearly know the secret - that books really do touch people's lives and make them richer.'

Edited by Martin Goodman

Paperback only £5.00   ISBN 9780956336484

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