Writing from the Discomfort Zone

barbican_press_orange7Barbican Press launches with the Doctored Books series – books that found steam in the PhD Creative Writing programmes of universities. Books that rose to so many challenges they forgot to compromise. Books with minds of their own for readers with minds of their own.

Let’s not blame the big guys. Were we corporate publishers, we might not publish our books either. These are books we want to read and others don’t publish. They bristle with ideas and inventiveness and blossom with soul. They challenge the way we view our world and make change seem possible.

We invest in quality. In print or as ebooks, these books aim to look as good as they read. We’re looking for modern classics – books so different they can always seem new.

Based in London and Hull, we look to find and promote distinct voices to set the world trembling.

If you’re a reader who doesn’t need pandering to, whose life has been shaped by books that dared to be different – welcome to your new home!