Pansy Boy – Paul Harfleet

Adorning this summer: Paul Harfleet’s PANSY BOY: An imaginative autobiography, with stunning graphics and

The Duality of Frankenstein – Jonathan Squirrell

A fresh review of Kate Horsley’s Frankenstein sequel The Monster’s Wife. Many thanks to Jonathan

The Mystery of Briony Lodge – David Bagchi

  Review by Jonathan Squirrell  Cards on the table, Three Men in a Boat

Jeremy Corbyn receives The Headscarf Revolutionaries

That’s the great thing about a real book, with a cover and pages and

What have writers from the old Soviet bloc ever done for us?

In the late 20th century writers from the old Soviet bloc travelled at warp

Reader responses and Helen Mort

One thing has always been true of publishing: readers are its lifeblood. That fact now

Revolutionary women of Hull ’68

May 26th 2015 would have been Lillian Bilocca’s 86th Birthday. Author Brian Lavery made

How to design a book cover

 So how do you design a book cover? Here’s the striking new one for The

John Prescott predicts a Barbican Press HIT on Twitter

Here’s a tremendous thumbs-up from John Prescott for THE HEADSCARF REVOLUTIONARIES! As a young

The Guardian features Barbican Press

D.D.Johnston, in this fine Albert Camus shot by Lucy Tyler, heads A FEATURE IN