Hope Walks By Me
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Poetry and Prose by Ex-Offenders

Ex-prisoners in Hull joined together with writer Russ Litten and academic Josephin Metcalfe for a series of writing workshops.

Hope Walks By Me gathers the fruits of those months – individual poems by men and women, prose pieces, and ‘Group Poems’. They draw on unique experience – life that twists and turns till you end up locked away – exploring the past, the global scene, the present and the future. Josephine Metcalf sets the work in context with her foreword. Russ Litten joins in, writing three short and striking pieces that draw on his years of being a writer-in-residence in prison, and because we’re all ‘ex-offenders’ in some way even if we didn’t get caught. Here’s a simple taster, a poem by ‘Wally’


I thought of you today,

but that’s nothing new.

I thought of you yesterday,

but that’s nothing new.

And the day before that

and tomorrow too,

I’ll be thinking of you

all through my life,

because I really do miss you.


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