Radical Bookfair
On May 11, 2013 | 0 Comments

Radical_bookfairby Martin Goodman

I dropped round round the Radical Booksellers’ fair in London’s Conway Hall today. I thought it was a chance to meet them and talk through Barbican Press’s launch titles – but instead they were shifting books from trestle tables in a small hall, crowded by readers. Good to see the bustle. And interesting to see that no-one was out there shifting new radical fiction. It must exist surely? Or is fiction per se not radical?

I chatted with Jonny Gordon-Farleigh (oddly a look-alike for our first author D.D.Johnston, like a kid brother) who edits STIR magazine ‘Anger.Analysis.Action’. Just launched in print… it’s thoughtful and good political writing.  They have a wee literary feel … a review of the new Barbara Kingsolver (who is good and well-meaning but I don’t know how radical).

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