Dante’s Inferno – the new verse translation
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Dante’s Inferno, in this new verse translation with full notes by Peter Thornton and replete, has drawn praise that sees it rank among the world’s foremost translations of this world classic.

Peter Thornton

Peter Thornton

‘Thornton’s new translation of Dante’s Inferno immediately joins ranks with the very best available in English. Opting for unrhymed blank verse, the translator succeeds in capturing the poet’s first-person narrative voice with unusual accuracy, spontaneity, and vividness, rendering the otherworld journey with vigour Dante's Infernoand a flare for the dramatic without ever sounding either strained or unduly creative. Succinct and balanced end-of-canto notes adeptly elucidate historical, classical, and theological references, making this volume a choice contender for both college and general reading audiences.’ – Richard Lansing, Professor Emeritus of Italian Studies and Comparative Literature at Brandeis University. Translator of Dante’s Lyric Poetry.
‘Peter Thornton’s very readable and accurate verse translation of The Inferno captures much of the drama and psychological nuances of Dante’s poem. The extensive notes provide a wealth of critical insights, as well as an especially good guide to the poem’s historical and literary references and to the centuries-long commentary tradition, medieval and modern.’ – Christopher Kleinhenz, Professor Emeritus of Italian at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and author of Medieval Italy: An Encyclopedia.
‘Peter Thornton’s eminently readable Inferno combines accuracy, elegance, and vitality, while its accompanying notes situate the poem effectively in its critical and wider cultural contexts.’ – Tristan Kay, University of Bristol, author of Dante’s Lyric Redemption.
ISBN: 9781909954120 RRP: £14.99

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