Virgin & Child – Maggie Hamand
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We have three world-class novels due in 2020 – Maggie Hamand‘s powerful thriller Virgin & Child first out, on April 2nd.

We shared early proofs with a couple of wonderful writers, Sara Maitland and Mary Flanagan. Here are their responses:

Virgin and Child cleverly merges crime with Catholicism and piety with a dangerous love. Pope Patrick, the Irish Pope, is famed for his humanity but unaware of the subversive forces plotting his destruction. The novel is wonderfully original and absorbing, from the halls of the Vatican to its explosive conclusion.’ – Mary Flanagan

‘This is a strange and strangely touching novel – and it is also written with great elegance and authority. It tackles “head on” some of the most challenging issues for the Roman Catholic Church around gender and sexuality and at the same time has some of the loveliest, most persuasive, writing about personal prayer that I have ever encountered in fiction.’ – Sara Maitland

This portrait shows Dr Maggie Hamand receiving her PhD from the University of Hull, earned for the writing of Virgin & Child. Maggie switched from studying for a PhD in Theology to one in Creative Writing. ”I found the theology PhD too constricting, and felt that only by writing fiction could I fully explore the issues I wanted to tackle,’ says Maggie. ‘I felt that only through an imagined direct and bodily experience could a celibate Pope understand a woman’s experience. I hope that by reading the novel others will identify with the character and be shocked into a new understanding.”

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